A Closer Look At Mavelous

A Dining Experience For The Modern Age

Mavelous Coffee Bar & Little Griddle is San Francisco’s All-American Coffee Shop for the modern age in a city that defines America. We combine the history of this city with the eclectic energy and innovation the technology corridor brings through a menu that is as hearty as it is delicious. Our coffee & food would have satisfied those risk-takers and innovators who helped build this great city and it will satisfy the palate of those who live here and keep it booming today.

We’re located on Market Street, few blocks from City Hall, must-see museums and home to technology companies such as Twitter, Dolby  and Uber. We pride ourselves on being a cleaner, quicker, more modern and friendlier version of a slower time when meals were spent appreciating life and were cooked with passion from the heart.

Come by and visit our new space! Our two original concepts, Mavelous Coffee Bar and Little Griddle have now been combined to provide our customers a better experience with expanded seating and a new look! Little Griddle known for freshly made, home-style meals is the same that many have come to know and love and line up early in the morning to patronize. Same quality, menu staples but now merged with our Mavelous Coffee Bar allows us to offer specialty coffee that we are super passionate about. Opened late, 5 nights a week, enjoy a local beer or a glass of wine with our new dinner menu offering several pasta dishes.

Here at Mavelous Coffee Bar & Little Griddle, we are committed to serving you high quality and tasty food that’s quick and highly affordable as well. Each week, we always have something new and exciting in our kitchen that’s sure to please your biggest appetite and taste buds.

Unlike traditional restaurants where you sit down and give your order to a server, we’ve simplified the entire process to make it easier and much faster for you. All orders are taken up front with the cashier. We are focused on providing you fresh, hot food in a timely manner and with a smile so you can get on with your day as you choose.

At Mavelous Coffee Bar & Little Griddle, we’re uber passionate about making quality food & coffee that we know you’re going to absolutely love. No matter if it’s a juicy burger, a delicious breakfast sandwich or one amazing cup of coffee, we have you covered. In fact, we’re so passionate about our coffee alone that we partner with some of the best roasters in the country and our baristas are trained to ensure that your cup of coffee is always one of the very best. Go ahead, ask them a question about our current coffee roaster offering or even ask about the origins of the coffee. They’ll be more than happy to chat with you.

We Believe In Going Green For a Better World

We’re lucky to be doing business in one of the greenest cities in all of North America. Not only is San Francisco breathtakingly beautiful, but it also has a goal of going waste-free by 2020 which we stand firmly behind. San Francisco is setting a prime example for the rest of the world by “Going Green” in a number of ways, and we’re falling in line as well. Many of our packaging is compostable, when possible and our bags are reusable. Our excess food is never thrown away or tossed out. We donate our extra food and baked goods to food bank organizations that include FoodRunner San Francisco every single day. This way we do our part and reduce not only the carbon footprint on our planet, but also help feed those in need as well. We believe it’s more than just good business, it’s the right thing to do.